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We believe that a successful marketing strategy requires a clear and comprehensive plan. That’s why we take a strategic approach to marketing, helping our clients to develop a roadmap for success.
Our marketing strategy process begins with a thorough analysis of your business, including an evaluation of your target audience, brand positioning, and competitive landscape. We work closely with you to define your business goals and objectives, and to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure your success.
Once we have a deep understanding of your business, we develop a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives. Our strategies include an actionable marketing plan, with a clear timeline, budgets, and performance metrics that enable you to track progress and measure results.
Our team works with you every step of the way, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your marketing efforts are successful. Whether you need help with campaign planning, execution, or optimization, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing strategy in 6 steps

Step #1- Research and analysis
Market research, competitors analysis, and target audience persona and characterisation
Step #2- Positioning and Messaging
Defining brand positioning, values, tone of voice, and messaging
Step #3- Goals and objectives
Setting business goals and objectives, and identifying the KPIs
Step #4- Analysis and Strategy
Developing a tailored marketing strategy that aligns with our goals and objectives
Step #5- Marketing Plan- GTM
Building an actionable marketing plan with a clear timeline, budgets, and performance metrics
Step #6- Implementing
Implementing our marketing plan, providing ongoing support and guidance or hands on campaign management

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What our clients say about us

Lee has an excellent understanding of digital marketing. She is determined to fully understand her clients and the products. She continuously researches our brand, our product, and our field, enabling her to give relevant and practically useful feedback. We still use the original research document that she made for us – it was so on-point she essentially wrote a pitch for us!

Ilana Bergsagel - Business Development and Customer Success

I love working with Lee!
Lee manages Arbe’s social presence, providing us with all the services we needed – both organic and paid content, copywriting and visual design, networking, and automation. A true partner I can consult with, who takes ownership and works independently, is always happy to do more, always ready to go.
We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Shlomit Hacohen - CMO

Lee was excellent for coming up with a content calendar for social media.  She had great ideas and she is so creative.  Additionally, she managed a very highly budgeted paid campaign from a – z.  I was very impressed with Lee’s work and in the next opportunity, I would hire her again.

Debra Emanuel - Marketing manager

As the CMO of a growing start-up company, I need the experience of a large agency with the attentiveness of a boutique one and that is exactly what I got – highly recommended.

Michal Minitzer‏ Cohen - CMO
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