How COVID-19 Affected B2B Marketing Practices

Three tips for weathering the changes

Traditionally many B2B companies relied on conferences and exhibitions to raise awareness, gain new leads, and network. Almost a year after COVID- 19 burst into our lives and changed the way we do (almost) everything, the need to find alternatives to big international exhibitions is more pressing than ever.

Read these 3 tips to get to know how you should implement change in your organization from  conferences and exhibitions to engaging clients using digital tools, in the B2B world:
Tip no. 1
Your goals and products stay the same, but the dialogue with your target audience must change. You have to adjust your messages to fit the digital media, which means creating focused, short, and intriguing content. That would probably be true anyway because our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. A recent report notes that 73% of millennials are involved with B2B purchasing decisions. So if you’re not already selling to millennial customers, you will be very soon. These are people who grew up with technology, they expect seamless integration and personalized experiences, and fast.
Tip no. 2
Digital media, organic, sponsored, and campaigns are all relevant words but we need to establish which platforms to work with before spending any time or money. First, examine your target audience’s digital habits, find out their digital interests and what platforms they are using, and focus your activity only on those relevant channels.
Another important factor is the nature of your products and materials. For example, if your products are tangible and hard to capture visually, maybe Instagram isn’t the right platform for you, thus you should look for channels that allow you to connect more verbally. 
Tip no. 3
What is your main goal? Are you looking to raise awareness? Are you building a community? Are you looking for leads? Setting clear goals is always important, but when it comes to digital activity your goals might change the choice of digital channels completely.
Among the digital tools, some are more effective in targeting and collecting B2B audiences, because their targeting options include parameters like company field and job title, or because they allow you to target an audience through content, in that case, professional content will attract a professional audience.  While other platforms are more effective for converting and generating leads since they create a higher volume of engagement. It is very important to choose wisely and according to your goals.
Digital marketing is not only crucial in a post COVID era but an essential part of any good marketing strategy, and can take your B2B company to the next level. So if you haven’t used digital tools to achieve your marketing goals- the time to start is now.

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