LinkedIn Marketing Solution 2023 roadmap

As part of LinkedIn’s Independent Agency Event held last week in Tel Aviv, I was invited alongside selected B2B agencies in Israel to get a sneak peek at LinkedIn Marketing Solution’s roadmap.
This event was the first of its kind after LinkedIn launched its Tel Aviv branch last March.

I’d like to share some of the interesting new products, some already available, some available for Beta users, and some that will be launched in the upcoming year or two.


New business pages features


1. Organic lead gen forms– this will be added to your company page as a tab, and help companies harness their organic traffic to generate leads.

2. The long-time anticipated – Post scheduling – is coming up in early 2023.

3. Audio events- Aligning with the audio trend, Linkedin is 

4. Flagship product pages – Linkedin will allow business pages to create a new tab for each key product.

5. one feature that already exists is the “Recommended to employees” content option, which is located under the Content tab. You can place relevant posts here, that employees can later post in their personal feed as an original self-published post in one click and with no effort. This can provide your news or updates with a much greater spread engagement rate.


New ad formats that we will start seeing soon


1. Document ads

2. Ads within Discover Tab

3. Conversation starter ads

4. Thought leaders ads (Linkedin will allow sponsoring posts through personal profiles! under certain limitations of course…)

5. Click to message ads


New targeting options in the campaign manager


Linkedin understands that surgical accuracy is needed in order to target accurately, and adds another layer of targeting options-

1. Product interest

2. Service interest

3. Predictive audience


New features for the Business Manager are


The Linkedin Business Manager is already available in Beta phase, it looks very familiar to those of you who work with Facebook’s business manager, hopefully, Linkedin had learned all of Facebook’s mistakes and done it better. 

1. Invoice dashboard- finally an improved way of downloading invoices…

2. Two-factor authentication


For the campaign managers among us, a few new Campaign management tools

1. multiple ad creation

2. Navigation

3. Media Library

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a couple or more years in order to run multiple ad formats under the same audience (A highly anticipated feature if you ask me).

That’s it for now from LinkedIn, I highly appreciate the chance to meet the product team and discuss the new features. See you next time!

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